We Love To Sing! DVD

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“We Love To Sing!” is a DVD containing PowerPoint presentations of all our titles. It also contains all 29 song packs in PDF file format.

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Do you use a digital projector with smartboard or whiteboard? Just click on the icons on the screen to hear the music! “We Love To Sing!”is already being described as a “fantastic resource!” by teachers.

Ask for an inspection copy today with no obligation! (UK schools only). Or purchase “We Love To Sing!” right away and receive all 29 backing track CDs entirely free of charge! (If you request an inspection copy you will receive the 29 backing track CDs once we receive a firm order or payment).

Besides the 29 packs in PDF file format, there are three PowerPoint versions, all carefully designed to make life easier for the classroom teacher!

One version contains lyrics and illustrations for all 29 song packs with the audio files for each of the packs embedded within the PowerPoint. This version contains both the vocal for each song and also the piano backing track. On the top left of each screen you will find the icon for the vocal version; on the top right is the icon for piano backing track. Simply click on either icon. (See illustration). You will, of course, need to have speakers attached to your computer for this feature to function! This version is specifically designed to be as teacher and pupil-friendly as possible. As far as the teacher is concerned, it will no longer be necessary to write up the lyrics on a board, or fiddle about finding the right place on a CD – the music is immediately accessible on the screen! For the pupils, the words are clear and each PowerPoint is well illustrated, making the entire presentation thoroughly engaging and appealing.

The second PowerPoint version is identical to the first, but without the audio files. This is for situations where the teacher may choose to use the CD for the song book rather than the embedded audio files. This PowerPoint version will load more quickly due to the smaller file size.

The third PowerPoint version contains the stave notation for each of the song packs, especially useful when instruments are being played.

A further folder contains the lyrics for each of the 29 song packs. These are in Word format, so that teachers have the option to print out the lyrics for pupils and perhaps even adapt or add to them.


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