Praise Songs For Assembly Songs Powerpoints


1. We’re Growing Up Sample Vocal


2. My Mum Loves Me Sample Vocal


3. A Mustard Seed Sample Vocal


4. It’s an Impossible Job Sample Vocal


5. Mrs Mcfearty Sample Vocal


6. Outside Inside Sample Vocal


7. The Lost Sheep Sample Vocal


8. The Lord’s Prayer Sample Vocal


9. God Loves Us All Sample Vocal


10. Some People Have Nowhere To Go Sample Vocal


11. It’s Not Fair Sample Vocal


12. Help Us Find Your Way Sample Vocal

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Age 3 – 11
All the songs in this pack are Christian-based with several of them covering specific Bible stories. They range from the very simple “Lost Sheep” to the quite thought-provoking and challenging “Help Us Find Your Way” and an alternative “Lord’s Prayer”. Homelessness, famine and forgiveness are dealt with and songs for harvest and Mother’s Day are also included. This song pack covers the whole primary school age range.


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